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Anthem, LLC is a public policy, commercial strategy, and community engagement consultancy with a focus on urban planning and placemaking innovation.

Meeting Clients’ Needs with Passion

We believe that a collective shared purpose is the driver for every successful public policy, commercial strategy, and community engagement endeavor.  Our philosophy of service is rooted in authenticity and innovation.

There is nothing more powerful than a group of people united for a common purpose and guided by a soulful rendition of song- an anthem. We may not be writing songs, but we work together with your team to create public policy, develop commercial strategy and facilitate community engagement that changes lives for the better.

Our driving core values at Anthem, LLC are service and social justice.

About Anthem, LLC

Our mission is to develop public policy, commercial strategy, and community engagement solutions in a spirit of service and diligence.

We serve clients with passion about their causes who improve their corners of the world through thoughtful urban planning, capital investment, economic development, and organizational culture-building. We work with municipalities, counties, elected officials, developers, architectural/engineering/planning corporations, professional associations, and nonprofits/NGOs.

The Team at Anthem, LLC has a depth of experience in public policy, commercial strategy, corporate culture development, and community engagement. We bring all of that experience to each one of your projects- large or small. We are here to be of service to you so that you can be of service to your clients, employees, citizens, and constituents.

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