Meridian Field District Study & Economic Development Strategy

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Project Description

As Project Manager for another firm, Ms. Anderson (now a partner at Anthem, LLC) led a multi-disciplinary team of six consultants chosen to create a cohesive economic development strategy for the City of Meridian, a rapidly growing suburb of Boise, ID. The City of Meridian sought an alternative to the homogeneous “rooftops and retail” development path of the previous two decades.

The “Fields District” was a 3-square mile area that the City planned to annex in the coming years and sought a strategy to use the area to create an agriculture-technology (ag-tech) research corridor. The strategy developed went above and beyond planning for the District and linked a number of ongoing initiatives to an agriculture-focused economic development path for Meridian.  This path included a series of long-term, phased projects and programs such as an ag-tech workforce pipeline initiative spanning K-12 to community college; a university-business collaborative focused on ag-tech research, entrepreneurship & commercialization; an agricultural heritage tourism center; mixed-use agrarian, urbanist development; a downtown performing arts center; and full downtown revitalization and placemaking.